What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is an original natural medicine from the tropical zone of South America, it is a brew made up of the liana of the plant itself called Ayahuasca (scientific name Banisteriopsis caapi) and the leaves of Chacruna (scientifically named Psychotria viridis), both are cooked with water and after a process of refinement they give as a result this entheogenic beverage. It has psychoactive effects from DMT (dimetil triptamine, by Chacruna) which is metabolized successfully when combined with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI, by Ayahuasca). Currently, its use and benefits are widespread worldwide, partly due to the experiences of the participants who have come to know medicine, as well as the broad descriptive literature of researchers who found in Ayahuasca an alternative solution to traditional medicine.


What are the benefits of Ayahuasca?

The range of action of Ayahuasca is quite broad and provides a solution for a major selection of psychosomatic discomforts. As I explain in my experience, Ayahuasca gave me peace and personal growth at a critical point in my life and I could also see how it helped other people. The main benefits of Ayahuasca are:


  • Resolve internal conflicts,
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs
  • Modify negative behavior patterns
  • Traumas
  • Improve our emotional control
  • Avoid self-sabotage
  • Self-knowledge
  • Treatment against addictions
  • Also, Ayahuasca has an interesting positive effect on diseases such as depression and anxiety.

At the end of the article I will leave a link where you can find more information about the benefits of Ayahuasca.

I’m interested in trying Ayahuasca, but … where can I take it?

Taking Ayahuasca is allowed (without legal restrictions) only in Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador. If you have chosen Peru as a destination, I can help you with valuable information.

There are two ways in which you can have an Ayahuasca experience. The first way is to make a retreat, that is, to take a trip to an Ayahuasca center, where for a number of days you share housing, food and experiences with a group of people who, like you, are interested in medicine. Within those days, Ayahuasca shots are taken accompanied by low carbohydrate, fat and meat diets. The retreats are usually made in the jungle of Peru or in Cusco. In the jungle there is a hot and humid environment, while in Cusco the climate is colder and drier, typical of the Andean area. If you want to live a group experience of Ayahuasca, I will place at the end of this article a link where you can find information about the best Ayahuasca retreat places I have known, are my personal recommendations.

On the other hand, there is the personal taking of the Ayahuasca; that is, find a guide that can make us a private session or get Ayahuasca to take it on our own. For me I decided the second option, partly because I always felt more comfortable in private (in group retreats it is common to be interrupted by another participant and that deconcentrated me from the trance) and because it was more accessible in factors of time, price and place ( I did not have to travel to do it).


I decided to take Ayahuasca on my own

When I decided to start my own treatment of Ayahuasca I was aware that I was going against many beliefs about the ritual and function of the shaman in the Ayahuasca ceremony, but no one except me was going to move the strings so that my healing would happen. I had been hating myself for years for not being able to change aspects of my personality that hurt me, until I met Ayahuasca.

I had searched exhaustively, had participated in groups, taken Ayahuasca with shamans and pseudo shamans too, I had even entered the jungle for weeks with only one purpose: to learn how to prepare Ayahuasca and with it to change my life.


Preparing Ayahuasca

 It was difficult to learn to cook Ayahuasca and get the right consistency, but with patience, trial and error I got it. At that time I realized that I had achieved a GREAT step towards my transformation, I knew that I would not continue to walk blindly, trying inefficient routines or feeding myself on self help: Ayahuasca works at a chemical level in a consistent manner and allows internal conflicts to be resolved permanently. Cured the origin the negative answer disappears.


Over time and thanks to the experience I understood that a greater proportion of chacruna in cooking results in a more concentrated Ayahuasca, better access and more efficient. The color is darker than normal and the intake is reduced by several cubic millimeters. In the jungle the name given to my ayahuasca is “heaven”.



Ayahuasca in Peru

It’s been a few years since I’ve been working with Ayahuasca in Peru and I’m happy with my decisions. Having ventured with Ayahuasca medicine allowed me to make important changes in my life. It made me a better person and since then I have been able to live in peace with myself. I have helped many people who, like me, were looking for a real, quick and permanent solution to their problems. I am glad to know that they changed their lives, collapsed taboos, fears and moved forward with more strength and with better tools to live.



Where can I get Ayahuasca?

If you want to buy Ayahuasca write to me at whatsapp +51966412045 or send me an email to info@icarosayahuasca.com to coordinate the delivery. I make deliveries in Lima and deliveries nationwide.


If you want to make a withdrawal from Ayahuasca, enter HERE


Always remember to review the recommendations and restrictions before experimenting with Ayahuasca: