Mountain Retreat

Are you looking for an Ayahuasca retreat that allows you to connect deeply with the nature and energy of the Jungle? The Ayahuasca retreat in the mountain is your option.

Our journey begins with a four-hour trip from the city of Pucallpa to the “Magic Mountain”, a mysterious place known for its beautiful landscapes, the variety of its flora and fauna, its energy and the deep connection with nature that It offers its visitors.

In this retreat of Ayahuasca we will stay in “Malokas”, artisan houses where we can rest and meditate on the visions obtained during the ceremonies of Ayahuasca.

We will provide you with a completely balanced and purgative diet, Ayahuasca ceremonies with the original ritual, a natural environment with access to the river, where you can explore and learn about the flora and fauna of the Amazon. Feeding based on diets will allow you to detoxify your body and receive the Ayahuasca medicine in an optimal way. The combined experience of nature-Ayahuasca-diet will make you return to the natural roots that we all have, they will allow you to achieve a deep, permanent change and above all they will grant you a high level of consciousness. Reconnect with yourself and find your mission in this world.

Duration: 10 days.

Cost: $ 1,200 per person.

Everything included (transportation, pick up and transportation to the airport, stay, ayahuasca sessions, food). It does not cover additional expenses in the restaurant, bar or room. The service starts from your pick up in Pucallpa.

Forms of payment: Through our website with credit or debit card / through bank deposit to our account (50% advance)

Other alternatives:

7 days – $ 840

15 days – $ 1,800

20 days – $ 2,400

Availability of personalized dates or withdrawals: info@icarosayahuasca.com

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