My Ayahuasca experience - Part I

My Ayahuasca experience - Part I

My story

As many other people who have tried Ayahuasca, my story started with an unsatisfied life situation. I believed I was living the way I always dreamed to live, but after a few years I noticed I had been mistaken. For a few years I had been working on an international company, I was well-paid, but I worked many hours a day. It all seemed good at the start, because my purchasing power had increased a lot and I could enjoy from pleasures I hardly had the chance to afford before. I went out to many incredible places, I frequented restaurants, cinemas, cafes, all at night because it was the only moment I was free. But I started to notice I was getting more and more burned out. It was the highest-paid work I've had so far, but something definitely said that it wasn't the right fit for me. There was a moment where I felt that what I did was absurd, I had taken that position for the money, but I couldn't enjoy it because of the long hours of work. Months before quitting, I decided to travel to relax and meditate about the situation that I had been living in: I decided to go to Pucallpa.

Getting to know Ayahuasca

I decided to relax and have fun the best I could in the Peruvian wilderness. I had visited other parts of the country, but that was the first time I went to the Amazon. I loved everything about it: the warm climate, as if you were in a sauna; its bright and not that scorching sun (the sun in Lima is very exhausting, probably because of the smog in the city); the wonderful and delicious food; the pools; the clean environment with the starry sky. I spent 5 days in the forest, the next to last day I heard about Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca, according to what I was told, what's a plant that allowed you to have very personal visions and that helped you find clarity in your life. Even though I needed that in that moment, I didn't try it because I didn't feel in the mood.

Half a year later with an existential crisis

After a few months in Lima I felt again that was just a pawn in a chess game. I couldn’t imagine a life more empty and simple than working to make money and then go to sleep. It was then that I quit my job and took a few months to introspect and search for my real passion in life, what I really wanted to do and my true purpose. As a psychologist, reaching the turning point was crucial, because I was the person who took care of others, and now I needed to focus on myself.

The first drink of Ayahuasca

I went back to the forest, this time to definitely drink Ayahuasca. I found a problem: the retreats were mostly for bigger groups, because of profitability reasons. I was there for only 3 days and I couldn't find someone who helped me. It wasn't until one month later that I came back again and I could do the session, and since then my life hasn't been the same.

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