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What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is an ancient plant found in the Amazon in South America. Together with the chacruna, we prepare the concoction called “Ayahuasca”, which allows to leave to an inner journey which reveals unknown and hidden details of our own personal history, besides purifying the body.


It has many uses, it’s been used successfully to treat stress, depression, anxiety, drug addictions, alcoholism, tobacco addictions, and more. Likewise, it’s also excellent to help us reach a clear understanding of our purpose in life, to find inner peace, clarity, and inspiration. Its healing properties apply in three aspects: spiritual, emotional, and physical.


That’s how the plant has awakened since many years ago the scientific interest, which has found its use as an alternative for many psychosomatic ailments that affect the modern man. Much research has been done about its main component, DMT, and the results have been impressive: thousands of testimonies indicate without a doubt that after drinking Ayahuasca they experience the radical change they needed: The new life.


Its purifying, healing and visionary effect has changed the lives of many people, improving them, empowering them. The Ayahuasca works in a way that allows to dissolve the structures of solid past experiences (mostly traumatic memories), in order to confront and restructure them. When the bases change, the exterior also changes.


From artists that find inspiration, people with illnesses that modern medicine can’t treat, to people suffering all kind of ailments; thousands of people are interested in taking their lives to the next level through Ayahuasca.


Ayahuasca is not a drug. In a way, the knowledge about it has spread mostly through the scientific research about it. This has made it known worldwide, not only through scientific testimonies, but also because of the people who come to our Amazon for an Ayahuasca retreat.


Imagine you could overcome past traumas, find purpose and meaning for your life, overcome stress, anxiety, depression or even drug addictions, without the need of months or years of therapy. Would you try?


Do you want to start a new life?

Are you ready?

Come in here to see our Ayahuasca retreat options.

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