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Hi everyone!

The interest in trying Ayahuasca is growing, demand is rising because there’s more and more people experiencing total and positive changes in their lives through it. But there’s also few regulations about it. Many tourists come and have an awful experience because of awful customer service, the attention to their needs is lacking, and worse: some people offer fake Ayahuasca concoctions, of doubtful origin.

Our team has decided to make sure everyone interested in trying Ayahuasca have the best possible experience through these measures: following safety standards, preparing better conditions for the retreats, offering green quality accommodations, exploring the culture of the area and holding native spiritual ceremonies, with expert shamans. The benefits of Ayahuasca are widely known and testified, thousands of people have solved many issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, alcoholism, tobacco addiction and other drug addictions; these people have given their life a turning point.

And that’s what we aim for, delivering our clients the real Ayahuasca experience. We’re the only group in the country that:

  •       Does daily Ayahuasca retreats, every month of the year

  •       Has an option for customized retreats

  •       Is based formally as a company in Peru

  •       Doesn’t sell the idea that Ayahuasca “heals all”

  •       Has its own preparation guide

  •       Does a real follow-up after the retreat.


At Icaros Ayahuasca we take our job seriously and we have created the Path of Ayahuasca, where you’ll find social support, service and safety to guarantee the best Ayahuasca drinking experience possible. We’re a team committed to expanding the knowledge of our ancient culture and medicine. We want it to reach more people, but in the right way. We want people to feel safe, to trust us, to trust and fit into our community. We want their experience to be memorable and that when they leave, they leave as reborn people.

 Choose change, start your new life today.


Icaros Ayahuasca Team

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