Terms and conditions

Icaros Ayahuasca S.A.C. is a company dedicated to tourist services, especially oriented to Ayahuasca retreats in Peru. The Ayahuasca retreats are considered recreational and meditation areas, they are made in ecological environments and aim to expand self-awareness and achieve inner peace. Ayahuasca is not considered a drug and its use is legal in Peru.

 About the service

1) Icaros Ayahuasca provides an exclusive service of Ayahuasca retreats, this includes lodging, meals and excursions in the community. Icaros Ayahuasca ensures a comfortable and ecologic environment at your service. The tourist guide must be fully respected, since the Amazon rainforest may contain some dangers in their exploration. Ayahuasca Icaros not responsible for accidents caused by not following the indication of the guides.

2) Icaros Ayahuasca provides full service food: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything is included in the package price. Any additional costs (clothing, extra food, drinks, etc.) must be paid by the customer.

3) The Ayahuasca retreats are places of meditation and reflection. Daily tours are scheduled, with the aim of you can enjoy local tourism in addition to the sessions. However, customers are free to visit the city at your leisure. Ayahuasca Icaros not responsible for accidents, theft or loss caused by departures without our tour guides.

4) The service begins with gather of customer at the airport of the city of Pucallpa and ends up when the customer return to the same airport for return to Lima. It is recommended to do check at time and be aware of their flights. Icaros Ayahuasca not responsible for missed flights. 


1) Consumption of Ayahuasca is not recommended to people suffering from Schizophrenia, Paranoia, bipolar disorder, psychosis, heart problems, coronary, hypertension, women pregnant, children and minors, the elderly and / or problems with any type of mental disorder not specified above. Icaros Ayahuasca has submitted information on his blog about the restrictions, also has a customer service in case you have doubts. The customer who purchases a package and performs the session declares that does not suffer any of these diseases or conditions. Icaros Ayahuasca not liable for problems or accidents triggered by the omission of these restrictions.

End of service 

1) Icaros Ayahuasca can perform the cessation of service in the event that the customer incurs the following: Acts of vandalism, destruction of furniture, goods and flora of the hotel, physical aggression to the team or community, hunting local wildlife, destruction of flora and / or local fauna, acts that damage the environment or culture of the community. In these cases, you can proceed to the cessation of service without refund.

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