Ayahuasca elaboration process

Ayahuasca elaboration process

It’s believed that there are more than 600 different ways to prepare Ayahuasca and that each native culture living in this vast territory has its own way to make it. This acknowledgement it’s rooted to the collective unconscious and it’s passed on from generation to generation. According to research made in the Amazon, the use of Ayahuasca is approximately 4,000 years old.


Because of the various different communities preparing Ayahuasca, it’s difficult to talk about a universal cooking process and which one is the best. It depends on the shaman, the region and the power they want to give it. For your knowledge, we can provide a tour for the regular collection and cooking process of Ayahuasca, so you can understand the ceremony, culture and ritual for the preparation of this concoction:


First, we gather the Ayahuasca vines and the Chacruna leaves. The gathering should be done in full moon, in the morning, while fasting. People pray to the plant and ask for permission to cut it. The Ayahuasca vines need to be cleaned and ground so they are softer at the cooking process. The vines are put in a pot along the Chacruna leaves, and then the pot is filled with water. The cooking process is coupled with breaths of tobacco smoke and Icaros, shamanic songs from the Amazon. Both are summonings to the spirit of the Ayahuasca and the spirits of nature. The shamans say that the Icaros are the power that it’s added to the drink.


At Icaros Ayahuasca we respect the origins of the gathering and cooking ceremonies, following all the steps and recommendations from our shamans. Likewise, we also sow Ayahuasca, to ensure that our mother plant doesn’t get scarce in the future. We are committed to our community; that’s why customers of Icaros Ayahuasca don’t only improve their own lives through the ceremony, they also help improve the lives of other people in our community.

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