Ecolodge Ayahuasca Retreat

Are you looking to reconnect with nature and live the Ayahuasca experience in the mostcomfortable natural environment possible? We have the right choice for you.

Icaros offers you to make your Ayahuasca retreat in Peru within our comfortable andexclusive Ecolodge, with diverse kind of bungalows (single, for couples or groups) equipped with air conditioner, satellite television, temperate showers, luxury furniture and anti-mosquito systems.

Breakfasts, lunches and gourmet dinners are prepared according to the requirements of the Ayahuasca session, in the hands of expert chefs of the city. You will have a swimming pool, soccer field, gym, green areas and Wi-Fi connection. Our ecolodge is a quiet place, which allows us to connect deeply in our trance during the Ayahuasca session.

This retreat of Ayahuasca is aimed at people who seek total comfort and spaces of
natural recreation without moving away from global communication.

Duration: 10 days.

Cost: $ 1,200 per person.

Include in this package: Transportation (From Pucallpa airport to the Lodge the first day, and from the Lodge to Pucallpa the last day), room, Ayahuasca sessions and food).

It does not cover additional costs in the restaurant, bar or room service.

Forms of payment: Through our secure website with credit or debit card / through bank
deposit to our account (50% advance)

Other alternatives:

7 days – $ 840
15 days – $ 1,800
20 days – $ 2,400

Availability of dates: To consult info@icarosayahuasca.com  whatsapp +511966412045

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