Why take Ayahuasca?

Why I decided to take Ayahuasca

When I was twenty-seven years old, all the problems that I had left in the background during my life began to slow me down. Aware of some bad reactions and difficulties in my interaction with other people since years ago, close to thirty I began to feel the weight of my bad decisions.


With very little tolerance towards others, outbursts of anger, difficulties with my family, inability to discover my true vocation and added to this a strong problem of anxiety, I was tired of trying again and again to be a better person, to have a conscience and healthier thoughts. I suffered with the idea that maybe I should live like this and resign myself to carrying my mistakes and constant sabotage.


Knowing the Ayahuasca

After much searching on the Internet tools or effective ways to overcome my internal conflicts, I found an article where I first heard about Ayahuasca. They talked about the growing number of people traveling to South America with the intention of healing with the “miracle medicine” called Ayahuasca. They also talked about the trance process and some criticism about the ritual. I was very interested in the point where they mentioned the approach to internal conflicts that Ayahuasca could provide. I was fascinated with the possibility and from that moment I did not stop looking for information about medicine.


My first Ayahuasca ceremony

I decided to take Ayahuasca in Lima and I looked for a local shaman to do it. Unfortunately I had a bad experience with Ayahuasca, since the shaman gave me too much medicine. The first symptoms of the Ayahuasca are slight visions of lines or abstract colored figures, accompanied by a numbness in our extremities. Psychedelia usually increases its intensity over time and although the onset of effects can occur around the first forty minutes, the highest intensity is usually close to an hour and a half. In this period the figures are more intense, there is a very strong internal noise and you may already start to feel nauseous. It is common to feel chills, dizziness, some acceleration in the palpitations as well as increased sweating. Sometimes it can also cause diarrhea. During the trance I remember seeing demons that came out inside me, demons that walked in the room and looked at me, they walked around me as if waiting for me to react. I remember seeing how they entered me and every time they did, I vomited them. All these reactions are possible to present and very common; Now imagine having them at the highest intensity level possible. This is how I felt my first experience with Ayahuasca.


As you can see, it was not a good experience. The excess of Ayahuasca originated me too much psychedelia and I had a lot of difficulties to rescue some memorable vision that could help me to improve. However, I was determined to keep trying and get a change.


If you plan to take Ayahuasca …

It is necessary to be well informed before living an experience with Ayahuasca since the process is usually quite hard. During the trance it is essential to maintain an attitude of openness and a feeling of calm. The good disposition and the safety during the taking is obtained knowing all the details and effects that can result from the ingestion of the medicine as well as the good orientation that the guide knows how to give you. Remember that Ayahuasca exposes us to a situation where we must face strong emotions – and being in a psychoactive state – so it is common to have intense hallucinations as representations of our subconscious. I recommend that you review these two articles if you are thinking about taking Ayahuasca:


Restrictions for the intake of Ayahuasca and Recommendations for the intake of Ayahuasca.


I followed my own treatment of Ayahuasca

After some sessions and retreats I decided to take Ayahuasca on my own. To this day I still think it was the best decision I could make since I enjoyed the benefits of medicine at a pace that suited my needs, in my space and with the security provided by your own environment. Taking Ayahuasca personally made me learn a lot from me and brought me significant improvements on a personal level, I even implemented a micro-dose treatment of Ayahuasca to treat my anxiety problems (I’ll leave the link to the article at the end). Although it is not for everyone, it worked for me very well. I believe that the most important thing for the results to be successful is to have good information about medicine and take the process seriously, always considering the restrictions and recommendations in this regard.


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I want to make a retreat of Ayahuasca in Peru

If you are thinking of making a Ayahuasca retreat in Peru, I invite you to review this article where I give you recommendations so you can choose the best option for your needs. I will also tell you about retreats I know and value in all aspects (access , Ayahuasca, comfort, experience, prices)


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