Ecolodge Ayahuasca Retreat

Are you looking to reconnect with nature and live the Ayahuasca experience in the mostcomfortable natural environment possible? We have the right choice for you.

Icaros offers you to make your Ayahuasca retreat in Peru within our comfortable andexclusive Ecolodge, with diverse kind of bungalows (single, for couples or groups) equipped with air conditioner, satellite television, temperate showers, luxury furniture and anti-mosquito systems.

Breakfasts, lunches and gourmet dinners are prepared according to the requirements of the Ayahuasca session, in the hands of expert chefs of the city. You will have a swimming pool, soccer field, gym, green areas and Wi-Fi connection. Our ecolodge is a quiet place, which allows us to connect deeply in our trance during the Ayahuasca session.

This retreat of Ayahuasca is aimed at people who seek total comfort and spaces of
natural recreation without moving away from global communication.

Duration: 10 days.

Cost: $ 1,200 per person.

Include in this package: Transportation (From Pucallpa airport to the Lodge the first day, and from the Lodge to Pucallpa the last day), room, Ayahuasca sessions and food).

It does not cover additional costs in the restaurant, bar or room service.

Forms of payment: Through our secure website with credit or debit card / through bank
deposit to our account (50% advance)

Other alternatives:

7 days – $ 840
15 days – $ 1,800
20 days – $ 2,400

Availability of dates: To consult info@icarosayahuasca.com  whatsapp +511966412045


Mountain Retreat

Are you looking for an Ayahuasca retreat that allows you to connect deeply with the nature and energy of the Jungle? The Ayahuasca retreat in the mountain is your option.

Our journey begins with a four-hour trip from the city of Pucallpa to the “Magic Mountain”, a mysterious place known for its beautiful landscapes, the variety of its flora and fauna, its energy and the deep connection with nature that It offers its visitors.

In this retreat of Ayahuasca we will stay in “Malokas”, artisan houses where we can rest and meditate on the visions obtained during the ceremonies of Ayahuasca.

We will provide you with a completely balanced and purgative diet, Ayahuasca ceremonies with the original ritual, a natural environment with access to the river, where you can explore and learn about the flora and fauna of the Amazon. Feeding based on diets will allow you to detoxify your body and receive the Ayahuasca medicine in an optimal way. The combined experience of nature-Ayahuasca-diet will make you return to the natural roots that we all have, they will allow you to achieve a deep, permanent change and above all they will grant you a high level of consciousness. Reconnect with yourself and find your mission in this world.

Duration: 10 days.

Cost: $ 1,200 per person.

Everything included (transportation, pick up and transportation to the airport, stay, ayahuasca sessions, food). It does not cover additional expenses in the restaurant, bar or room. The service starts from your pick up in Pucallpa.

Forms of payment: Through our website with credit or debit card / through bank deposit to our account (50% advance)

Other alternatives:

7 days – $ 840

15 days – $ 1,800

20 days – $ 2,400

Availability of personalized dates or withdrawals: info@icarosayahuasca.com


Ayahuasca night in Lima

Do you need a big change in your life?

Hundreds of years ago the healers of the Amazon – by chance or intuition – related two plants, the Ayahuasca vine and the leaves of Chacruna, obtaining a concoction also called “Ayahuasca” used to treat various ailments. Many years later foreigners and local people began to know the benefits of Ayahuasca medicine. Currently, people around the world travel to specialized centers of Ayahuasca to undergo medical sessions where they manage to find the emotional and psychological stability they are looking for. Some try Ayahuasca medicine to reconnect with their inner Self, others to unleash emotional knots or traumatic experiences in their chilhood. Some need to find their vocation; others, their place in the world. Some love nature and want to feel a deep connection with nature. There is no single reason for seeking Ayahuasca, but the result is the same: Ayahuasca cures psychosomatic ills, intensely purifies the body and also the mind.

Icaros Ayahuasca

We are a professional team specialized in Ayahuasca retreats, we work our retreats in the city of Pucallpa – Ucayali, currently attending in two locations according to the type of experience that you want to live. We have an ecolodge in the city and a mountain retreat totally isolated from everything. We work with pure Ayahuasca, prepared in the traditional way. We focus on the medicinal treatment of Ayahuasca and our main interest is to work with people who understand the importance of Ayahuasca in the treatment and cure of psychosomatic ailments such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, among others. We are not a mystical or religious team.

Ayahuasca in Lima

Attentive to the interest of the people who seek to be treated with the Ayahuasca medicine we are having sessions in Lima from 2016 in order to be able to arrive with the ample benefits of the Ayahuasca to more people. Lack of time or distance will not be a barrier for those seeking to heal themselves and body and mind through Ayahuasca. We will be in Lima scheduling group sessions every month (through our fan page Icaros Ayahuasca) and we will also attend in a particular way every day.
Through Ayahuasca you have ample possibilities to treat and cure stress, depression, anxiety, detoxify your body, treat smoking, alcoholism, addiction to drugs, achieve high levels of awareness, inner peace, among others.

You no longer need to travel to the jungle to experience this experience: We bring it.

The sessions will take place from 8:00 pm, the trance or process of Ayahuasca lasts approximately five hours on average, although it varies according to the metabolism of each person.

Restrictions: Can not take Ayahuasca: People with cardiac problems, coronary problems, hypertension problems, mental problems (schizophrenia, paranoia, psychosis, etc.), gestational women, people with epilepsy.

Recommendations: It´s recommended to diet the last three days before the taking (the diet is not restrictive, but it is advisable). On the day of the session it is recommended to only take breakfast and lunch (light, without fat), do not try anything else until the Ayahuasca session. It is recommended not to try alcohol, drugs or drugs the last 7 days before the session.

Location: La victoria, Lima
Price per person: s / 250.00 or 80.00 USD

If you need more information please contact us at Whatsapp (+51) 966412045 or write us at: info@icarosayahuasca.com or our fanpage Icaros Ayahuasca

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Important: Frequent consumption of drugs affects the effectiveness of Ayahuasca, for people interested in trying the medicine but who frequently consume narcotic drugs is recommended a detox diet at least 7 days before the session.

Ayahuasca retreats in Peru

Ayahuasca is basically a plant which in found in Amazon in South America. It is basically used for the treatment of drugs addiction, stress, anxiety etc. According to research drugs addiction, stress, tensions and anxiety level is coming up with psychological disorder. Everyone is having their own problems in their lives; some people got some kind of psychological disorders while taking continuously drugs, and anxiety while doing their daily life chores. There is a big ratio of these kinds of people in Peru, so Ayahuasca retreats in Peru in order to make people calm and positive thinkers. There are some treatment centers in Peru where psychological disorders including stress, anxiety, depression is treated. There are proper centers which treats people with Ayahuasca in Peru.

Ayahuasca retreats in Peru to relax yourself, to avoid your daily life problems and will make you able to take a new start. Imagine you are fed up from your daily life (doing jobs etc) and you want to take a break and go to the place where you will not find anybody you know. You can also think about your past and the mistakes you have done in the past. And revise your all the actions that are done by you. By this treatment you will come across at the point where you can make a decision while you are spending your life properly. It is a break in your life to hold on and think about your life. The treatment centers, in which Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, are located in Peru at a very peaceful place, where you will not hear a single harsh voice.

When we drink Ayahuasca you will go to the deep thinking, your cognition speed will become high and you can only think about yourself, your mind will get open and if you are in some kind of dilemma like if you’re having some confusing situations and stages in your life, you will defiantly come out from your confusion situations. It helps us to differentiate about the good and bad decisions that are taken by us.

Some people are having phobias issues, fears that make them able to quit important things in their lives, Whiling drinking Ayahuasca you can get rid of all kind of phobias like some people are having height phobia some are having test anxiety or darkness phobia or some people are having less self confidence while taking decisions. Ayahuasca retreats in Peru will build confidence and will motivate a person to develop the meaning of their life and take a new start in their life.